Carol Wrigley started her training in T’ai Ji Quan (T’ai Chi)  in 1986, with her first instructor Nancy Brown from the  Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong.  After Nancy returned to Australia in 1990 Carol started  training with John and Jo Harford of the Nei Chia  Association. Over the next twelve years Carol along with  students from all over the country, trained in depth and  refinement in Chinese Health Arts.  The vast range of work covered training in T ai Ji forms  such as Li Style and the multitude of Yang Styles, plus  Qigong sequences for general health and specific  conditions. It included the demanding training of Zhan  Zhuang (standing firm) Qigong. Self defence applications were widely explored along with  weapons training, learning Stick Set, Sword Play, and  Broad Sword. Exercises for specific conditions and ailments were  examined and learned, to understand how best to instruct  students who came to classes On a visit to China in 1995 Carol with other students  studied with the exemplary Dr Wu Yang, a practising  Chinese Doctor and a Master of Traditional Yang Style T ai  Ji. Carol and her fellow students became Honorary  Members of the New Branch Wushu Research Institute,  Guiyang, Guiizhou, China.  Under the guidance of John and Jo at the Nei Chia  Association the students were taught that the development  of ones Qi for the benefit of ones own health and to benefit  others was the main aim of the teachings.  Having also to study Oriental Medicine in 1999 Carol  completed the Nei Chia Teacher Training and became  recognised by the Institute of Complementary Medicine (Chinese Medicine Division) In 2003 Carol embarked on a Shiatsu course at the  Shiatsu College Norwich under the tuition of Clifford Ward  Andrews and Dinah John Training in the infinite world of  Zen Shiatsu taught that there are many differing  techniques and approaches to influence the Qi. She  became registered with the Shiatsu Society in November  2006... ..  shiatsuwithcarolwrigley.   Carol Wrigley instructs classes of T’ai Ji/Qigong in  North/East Suffolk and Gt Yarmouth, she has specialised in  working in the mental health sector
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